Video Monitors in a Casino

You probably do not know it, but when you play a game of blackjack in a casino you are probably playing in a video game as well. Many of the casinos have video monitors all over the place where you can view the game from your very own seat. While this may be the case, there are still several things you can do to prevent having an unpleasant experience at a casino.


As mentioned earlier, most video cameras are hooked up to wires that are run to a control station that sends signals to a recording device on the other end of the wire. You will see the video feed from the cameras in the casino through the video feeders located throughout the casinos. The video monitors will then be able to see what is happening in real time. Cameras hanging from the ceiling can watch your motions, and the other security guards, pit managers, and dealers look like they are doing the same too.

Video monitors in the casino can also keep an eye on your gambling activities. If you are playing a game of blackjack, a security guard may quickly come out (dispatched from casino surveillance) and request you to leave if you are playing with a kid at your side. The video cameras in the casino will be able to catch the actions of both players who are playing the game. So if you are playing with an older player at your table, the security guards are going to be able to take a video of him playing the game and show it to you in your casino chair so you know for sure what is going on in your casino.

In some casinos, the gaming game is very popular. Therefore, the video monitors at the casino can keep an eye on the games in progress so that the casino is not crowded and that people have plenty of room to play games that they wish to play. If the game is not being played and the room is empty, the guards will alert the casino management to let people play the game in another part of the casino, and that can save the player some money since he or she will not be spending it trying to find games in other parts of the casino.

When you enter the casino, you are probably going to have a seat in a corner of one of the video monitors. That is where you are going to watch the video feeds of the games that are being played. If someone is playing a game of blackjack, they are probably going to be in their chair and most likely will be watching the video feed. This means that a casino manager will not be allowed to see them when the game is not in progress.

If the game is not in progress and you are the only person who have an interest in it, the video monitors at the casino will likely have no audio on them. However, the staff will still be able to give you updates on what is going on and who is in the casino.